Current & Up Coming Projects

Playing the Charts that made the Dave Pell Octet one of the characteristic sounds of the West Coast Jazz scene of the 1950's.

Tunes including "What's new in Glocca Mora", "Love me or leave me"  and "You're my everthing" from the Pen of Marty Paich.

The Dave Pell Project
The Chet Baker Sings Project
Ever Imagined what it might be like if Marty Paich and  Mel Torme  got together to make an Album interpreting the tunes on Chet Baker Sings "It could Happen to You"?

Simon Whiteside & Iain Mackenzie did and the results will soon be available for you to enjoy,
with some nimble vocalise by Iain and swinging charts by Simon.

The Guys & Dolls Project

In 1958 Eddie Costa released an Album called "Guys and Dolls like vibes", with interpretations of Frank Loesser's great tunes from the eponymous show.

Taking this as a Launching pad, Octoboptet is joined by Vibe Genius Nat Steele in reworkings of these wonderful melodies.